Robert Annis

Robert Annis

Outdoor Travel Writer For Hire

After spending nearly a decade as a reporter for The Indianapolis Star, Robert Annis finally broke free of the shackles of gainful employment to freelance full time as an outdoor travel journalist.

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Motorhome driving through mountains h article

Campers are Great, But (Gasp!) You Really Should Rent an RV | Outside Online

“That sign warned trucks about going up this road—tight switchbacks and no shoulder,” I said. “Should we find another route?”

“I think we’ll be alright,” Sally said.

Img 2936 article

The Mirage: Cycling Death Valley

“The universe is monstrously indifferent to the presence of man,” echoed through my mind in Herzog’s soft-spoken German rasp, and arguably nowhere on the planet is that more true than this sparse, desolate desert.

Kalamazoo evidence article


Survivors, their families, and community members recount the car crash that killed five cyclists and injured four more.

Papabear article

Finding Gnar at 75 Feet Above Sea Level

I tried to cry out “For MTB Project! For Journalism!” as I pushed off, but only a garbled yell escaped my throat as I plummeted down the chute.

Powder day  icy beard article

Skiing in Japan: Powder Paradise in the Land of the Rising Sun

As I picked up speed gliding from powder stash to powder stash—go too slow and you’ll get mired in the knee-deep white—my legs burned from the effort and my lungs seared from the cold air and my hoots of joy.

618 348 specialized venge review article
Mens Journal

The New Specialized Venge Could Be the Fastest Road Bike Ever

The New Specialized Venge Could Be the Fastest Road...

Indy article

Greetings From Indianapolis

Despite the backwards actions of the state political leaders, Indianapolis is one of the most progressive cities in the entire Midwest. From the 162-acre solar farm bordering the Indianapolis International Airport to the electric car-sharing program slated to start this summer, the Circle City has an eye toward the future.

Shamrock article

A Shamrock sprouts, just in time.

Veins are popping out of Tim O’Donnell’s forehead, and the dreamy brown eyes that once melted the hearts of many a Cincinnati teenager in his youth now narrow into a frustrated squint. After spending hours trying to wire the two small LED lights into the split top tube of a customer’s city bike, the Shamrock Cycles owner couldn’t take any more. Snatching the light, he angrily winged it toward the wall of his 600-square-foot workshop. But instead of splintering into shards against the wall, O’Donnell heard an unsettling “tink!”.

The bike’s fork, freshly returned from the painter, sat in a vice more than 12 feet away. The tiny LED bulb chipped off a small piece of paint. For the perfectionist O’Donnell, that small flaw might as well as been a flashing neon sign.

Img 1982 article

#outsideisfree (just not in Indiana) | BIKE Magazine

#outsideisfree (just not in Indiana) | BIKE Magazin...

The beat 425x500 article
Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

Will Ballard's Cycling Agenda Leave Office When He Does? - Indianapolis Monthly

Will Ballard's Cycling Agenda Leave Office When He ...

Img 9873 article

Is it Time to Consider a Custom Built Bike? | Gear Institute

I’ve known Shamrock Cycles builder Tim O’Donnell for years. Even if we weren’t friends, I would still lust after his custom steel steeds that bicycle nerds have drooled over for the past decade.

I first worked with Tim about five years ago, when he built me a gorgeous Campagnolo-equipped travel bike that was exhibited at the National Hand Built Bicycle Show in Charlotte. Since then I’ve ridden it around the US and Europe, and it never fails to receive enthusiastic compliments from other riders.

Coryn travel h article

The Pro Athlete's Travel Kit | Outside Online

We asked three of the fastest people we know about the gear that lives in their carry-ons

Img 0562 article

Beauty and Strength: Michigan's Iron Belle Trail

Beauty and Strength: Michigan's Iron Belle Trail

Stamp out cramps article

How to Prevent Muscle Cramps | Bicycling

By Robert Annis. (Photo by Jeff Clark). Will Sherman was 10 minutes from his best result as an amateur mountain bike racer when his quads seized, causing him ......

Beer Advocate

Pedals and Pints: Bike Trail Breweries Appeal to Cyclists ...

Pedals and Pints: Bike Trail Breweries Appeal to Cy...